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KTC-1 - Production

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The KTC-1 is the first production knife of my design and I couldn't be more thrilled with how they are shaping up. With this design I wanted something that was a hybrid from tactical to kitchen, hence the aggressive grinds and yet inspired by a santoku. I wanted the handle on these to be more of a three finger grip that way while it's being carried on your belt you don't have to worry about it protruding or digging into your body, yet having enough blade to get work done. My goal with the production line is to be able to offer a unique design, of quality materials and finishing at a extremely reasonable price. Please take a look at the drop down menu to see what options are available.

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( The first run of these will be black G10 and come in three different blade finishes, the current picture is satin - Price is to be determined yet )

( Ships in 1-3 business days )

( international orders are at customers risk and do not include free shipping, I will calculate shipping based on your order and email you for further payment, it is also your responsibility to know your laws )


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