Sold out???

Koch tools

Sold out???

I appreciate your interest and support in my product! I try to get back to each person as quickly as possible. Due to the high influx of emails I get about availability I wanted to let you guys are inquiring about the following.

PRE-ORDERS : When I first started out I did pre-orders on pieces since they were small quantities, however now I just release batches as I get them and make them available. Since I am a one man operation it is hard for me to keep up sometimes and I hate owing out anything, especially for a length of time.

AVAILABILITY : I apologize for those of you emailing about my website being sold out all the time, I never would have thought that my product would get to this point of selling out within hours of posting certain tools available. I'm truly humbled and thankful that this happens, at the same time I feel bad that I can't keep enough on hand for everyone just yet! Aside from being a one man operation I still have a day job and a family to tend to as well and do my best to keep up with my EDC business. On another note I feel that is what people enjoy about a made in America small business. I appreciate everyone's patience.

Please be sure to click the Mailing List tab either at the top or bottom and subscribe to my newsletter. I'll be sending out emails when I am going to be dropping large batches and new projects. Smaller batches I just announce on instagram  ( @kochtools ).

I thank all of you for enjoying what I do. It means a lot and I couldn't do it without you!

P.S. Be sure to check out my distributors @empireoutfitter, @fenixoutfitters and @bladehq on instagram, they'll be stocking some of my basic stuff in batches as well.